Reporting Tools

The MII provides tools for creating reports. These offer insight into sales turnover, settlements from payment providers and so on. Most reports are available either as a downloadable CSV file or accessible via the API.

Transactions Report

The transactions report allows you to filter any transactions that are categorised as completed: all reserved, pre-authed and captured transactions.

The report can also be downloaded in a CSV format. There is a limit of 20.000 downloaded transactions

Custom Transactions Reports

Various custom reports are available in the backend. This covers among others consolidated volume overviews, unfunded transactions, uncaptured transactions etc.

Some reports may be customised and added to the list. Contact your e-commerce manager or AltaPay Support to learn more.

When choosing one of the reports, you will have the option to choose the time range. You can then click update for displaying on the screen or/and Download to download a CSV file.


Funding Files

To ensure that information in the AltaPay Merchant Interface system is consistent with the payment providers records, we do a comparison with the information from the payment provider and what have been processed through the gateway. If the data is correct, a funding file is created and available to download. These files are meant for reconciliation purposes.

Within the reconciliation data provided by AltaPay, all transactions shown on post settlement reports are mapped with the corresponding transaction data from the gateway. This allows the transaction data to be paired with all associated cost and settlement information - a huge advantage and driver of efficiency and reduction in operational overheads.

Funding files correspond to the shop(s) set up by you to separate/group transactions. One shop can have multiple funding files and a funding file can relate to multiple shops.

The files are generated according to your funding cycle, and will be available the day after the funds has been settled. Files can be viewed via AltaPay’s Merchant Information Interface, downloaded as a CSV file or automatically fetched via the API.

Individual funding files

View transactions settled by time/date, acquirer, payment method, currency and much more. Calculations are made on a net settlement basis (it will match what’s sent to your bank account). All costs relating to payment processing, currency conversion and taxation are reconciled across payment methods.

Funding files are not supported for all payment providers.


A chargeback is a return of funds to a customer (if successful). This is used as a form of customer protection provided by the issuing banks. Through chargebacks, cardholders can file a complaint regarding transactions on their bank statement. This can be due to fraud, goods not received, refund not received and so on. Once the cardholder files a chargeback, the issuing bank makes an investigation into the complaint and decides whether the funds should be returned. 

Chargebacks review shows all chargebacks received.

If you have questions regarding the chargebacks, contact us.