API Response structure (XML)

The API response consists of two main elements:

  • A Header element containing the technical result of the method call, like the error code, error message, and the path to the called API method.
  • A Body element containing the business results of the method call, like amounts and transaction data.

The following tables describes the components of a general API response. For information about responses for specific methods, see API methods for Merchant and Processor APIs.

For instructions on how to view the XML response of an API call in the Merchant Information Interface, see View the XML response in the Merchant Information Interface.

Click here to download a copy of the XSD file.

If there's an error in the data format, the ErrorCode element in the Header section is different from 0. If the data format is accurate, but there is an error in the request, the Result element in the Body section shows Error.

It is recommended to always confirm that the TransactionStatus element contains the expected value for a transaction. This is especiall important for subscriptions (see Set up a subscription).