Create a payment request using a gift card

You can create payment requests that manage full or partial payment using a gift card.

Gift card payment flow


To initiate a gift card payment, you must first create a payment request to the terminal that supports the relevant gift card type, for example PPS or SVS. For information about creating payment requests, see createPaymentRequest. This allows for a potential partial payment by gift card.

If the payment request is paid in full by the gift card, the Result response parameter is set to Success, whereas if there is not enough credit on the gift card, the Result response parameter is set to PartialSuccess, and you need to create a payment for the remaining amount, either using createPaymentRequest, or initiatePayment.

We advise that you verify the amounts of successfully registered payments to ensure that they add up to the total requested amount. In doing so, note that the ReservedAmount response parameter includes the surcharges found in the SurchargeAmount response parameter.

Ensure that the following returned XML parameters correspond to the order that was placed: Result, ReservedAmount, CapturedAmount, RefundedAmount, and TransactionStatus.