ViaBill is a Danish payment provider that allows customers to pay the full amount, or in instalments.
To find out how to integrate with ViaBill using our merchant API, see Integrating using the Merchant API and more specifically, the createPaymentRequest method.

ViaBill Specific Notes

  • Order numbers are automatically suffixed with a random ID to ensure the uniqueness of order in ViaBill's system.
  • It is optional to send order lines, but you are recommended to always include order lines.
  • For ViaBill Xtra, price tags must be used. For ViaBill Free, price tags are recommended. A price tag is additional information shown to the customer during the shopping process. The price tag informs your customer about fees, installment amounts, etc.
  • The order confirmation or receipt from the webshop must not contain any bank information.
  • You can download logos and other visual identity elements from
  • In some cases, the notification page can be called before the ok page or fail pages are called.
  • If a payment is initialized, but the customer leaves before the payment is completed, the payment will be in an incomplete state, and the TransactionStatus result is epayment_initialized.
  • AltaPay queries the bank hourly (from 8 - 23) after the initial hour for an updated status of the transaction. If the transaction was successful, the status is changed to bank_payment_finalised and a notification is sent.