PayPal is an alternative payment method offered by 7 million businesses around the world, and has more than 200M active accounts.
To find out how to integrate with PayPal using our merchant API, see Integrating using the Merchant API and more specifically, the createPaymentRequest method.

PayPal Specific Notes

  • After 29 days PayPal cancels any authorisation that has not yet been captured.
  • After 3 days, an authorisation expires. You can still capture the transaction, but there's a higher risk that the capture is declined, for example due to insufficient funds.
  • For refunds of partial captures, each refund cannot be greater than the largest partial capture. For example, if you make two partials captures of $40, and $30, and later want to make a refund of $60- you first have to refund $40, and then $20.
  • For addresses in the United States, the Region parameter is represented by a two character ISO abbreviation. For more information, see
  • You can only use the same shop_orderid one time, if the transaction was successful.