Payment OK Page (callback_ok)

When a payment request is processed by the gateway, the result is typically Success, Failure, or Open:

  • Success. The payment request was successfully processed. The result is posted to the OK page (callback_ok)
  • Failure. The payment request failed. The result is posted to the fail page (callback_fail)
  • Open. If a payment request cannot be completely processed immediately, the result is posted to the open page (callback_open).
  • When the request is later processed, a notification is sent to the notification page (callback_notification).

Depending on the payment state, we will provide payment information to the appropriate callback page. The content returned by these callbacks can be displayed to the customer, allowing you to display a message about his or her purchase.

The following parameters are used for the callback_ok page.

For more information, see Settings for the Payment OK page (callback_ok).