Processor API

The AltaPay Processor API is used to create payments from PCI certified entities using AltaPay as a processor.

The API uses normal HTTPS traffic for communication. This should pose no problems with firewalls, it should be easy to integrate into anything and the traffic is encrypted. Since we use HTTPS, you (the merchant) can access all the actions from a browser to inspect the return values and formatting of the responses.

It is a plain request and response API leaving all control of taking card data and managing 3D Secure up to the merchant.

If you are not PCI compliant, you can integrate using the Merchant API. For more information, see Integrating using the Merchant API

The processor API does not use callback pages, and as a merchant you get a direct response on API calls.

The Processor API can only be used for card payments and gift cards.
Task Method
Initiate a payment


Finalize a 3D Secure transaction after your customer has finished the 3D Secure authentication.


Issue a gift card


Initiate a gift card payment